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  1. After making adjustments using levels or curves strange artifacts appear as lines on random parts of the image. I have tried this on various different images and the same problem occurs. The problem occurs after merging adjustments. Below I show a sample of what is happening. I have circled the artifacts in red. This is incredibly annoying and makes the software virtually unusable. I am using windows 10 and latest version of Affinity.
  2. Yes. I agree. Hopefully it gets sorted. I have read this has happened before on an earlier version so I expect the programmers will know what to do.
  3. It could well be a problem with determining hardware acceleration & performance settings as you put it. It loaded up ok for me but focus stacking no longer worked until I unchecked OpenCL under performance settings. There is also appears to be a bug with exporting JPGs and TIFFs.Very frustrating as I have never had any problems with Affinity before this update. I wonder if we can roll back to the last version?
  4. I have just updated Affinity Photo to the latest version Since the update when I export as JPG or TIFF it only displays save as Affinity File. However it does appear to save as the correct file.
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