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  1. Ah, got it. Then "Application Palette" is definitely what I want. Thank you!
  2. I guess I don't understand the value of a "Global" spot color. When I saved them to a "Document" palette, I couldn't find them when opening a new document. I just want to be able to quickly pull up my proper spot colors whenever working on something involving a political campaign logo. Is there an advantage to a "Global" swatch as opposed to swatches in an Application palette?
  3. Thank you both! I think I have it figured out. I've saved my Pantone colors and their CMYK equivalents as swatches on an Application Palette, which seems to be available to any document I open or create. I appreciate the quick and clarifying feedback!
  4. I am new to Affinty's software. I'm trying to move to them from Adobe's far more expensive products. Overall, I love the apps. Very usable and modern. However, I have had repeated problems with spot colors. For the life of me I can't figure out how to add spot colors to my swatches palettes as spot colors and then apply them to objects. Whenever I look up a Pantone color and add it to the swatches palette it gets added as CMYK. I have tried following advice in threads on here and on Affinity's help system to add spot colors, but then I end up on a screen where I can't search for the exact Pantone color I need. The whole thing baffles me. If I'm looking up a Pantone color and then adding that as a swatch it should always be added as a spot color by default. That's just basic user expectation. I get that there should be a function to convert that spot color to CMYK, RGB, etc, but if I'm picking a spot color, why isn't it coming through as a spot color? Is there anywhere I can look online with simple instructions on how to do the following in Affinity Designer: select a specific spot color (let's say Pantone 288 C), and create a swatch of it solely as a spot color? Thank you all in advance for help!
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