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  1. No. One book has no photos and one has two small grayscale photos which were cropped and sized in Affinity Photo prior to being placed as linked files. The two grayscale photos are not large. Nothing is stored in the cloud. Otherwise, the books are text. A poster that did export properly has 15 small color photos, again cropped and sized in Affinity Photo, and numerous cmyk color shapes used in the design. All files are in the same folder on the hard drive of a 27-inch iMac running High Sierra OS. It has 8gb of RAM and almost 800gb of open storage on the hard drive. (I am a retired g
  2. I am having trouble exporting pdf files from Publisher files and get the following error message. Some files, however, have exported and others not. There seems to be no consistent pattern to those that export and those that do not. Efforts to find a solution online have been unsuccessful. I have been able to use the "save to PDF" function in the print dialog box, but it creates a very large file. Ditto for using "PDF flatten" in the export options, except that the file is even larger. (For example, a 1.7mb file in Publisher exported through the "save to PDF" function at 72mb, and 293 mb when
  3. I am having the same, or similar, export error problem with Affinity Publisher. I tried the option noted above to "PDF flatten" and it worked, but the file is huge. The Publisher application file is 1.7mb and the flattened pdf is 293.5mb. This is a lengthy file, but the same error occurs when attempting to export only the first page. It also occurs in other Publisher files. I checked the preflight function and nothing was listed that would interrupt the export. This is creating quite a problem since this book is designed to be distributed free via email.
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