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  1. Thanks! alt clicking to view the mask is a big time saver. Thanks for the tips @David in Яuislip, I guess I was missing something lol and at least I can convert the mask in photo. btw @MEB it would be really useful if affinity made an app that just combined all the features into different personas or something, it's all using the same engine behind the scenes right? The current limited pixel editing in designer is the reason I'm using it over other apps and I think there's a subset of users that would greatly benefit from a full featured vector and rasterization editor with artboards. You can even call it affinity pro if you want Thanks for all the help guys.
  2. Thanks for the insight @GarryP, I suspected those features were locked out in designer, it's a pain to switch to photo just to invert something but I guess I'll live with it lol. So in the screenshots I provided you can see a mask in its own layer has no context action for editing while a mask attached to a layer can be. I may be missing something here because surely it's possible to edit the mask without nesting it in something else.
  3. Hello, having some difficulty with masks in affinity designer. Is it possible to convert a mask to a pixel layer? Rasterise does nothing. How can you edit a mask when it's above another layer and not attached to one? Is it possible to invert a mask? using invert from the menu does nothing. Is it possible to view channels in affinity designer? I've searched for these questions but only find answers for affinity photo so any help would be much appreciated.
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