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  1. right.... so they have released this new update and it's got a major flaw in it? How ridiculous. I spent the entire day yesterday downgrading Big Sur to Catalina to see if that could help the issue. I'll not update to 1.9 then until they sort this massive flaw out. Thank you Pruus.
  2. Hi all, Have had no issues with crashing whatsoever in any of the three infinity programs I've purchased for my mac - OS Big Sur. Suddenly today I'm trying to print from Designer and it's crashing every single time I try and print. Doesn't matter what the item is, if it's an artboard, photo, previous design, text. Crashes every time!. Why would this suddenly be happening now? I've checked it's all up to date which it is. I've tried in Photo and Publisher, they all crash if I try and print anything!
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