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  1. I'm currently creating my SVGs using AdobeXD because it's pretty simple, I get the results I need, and I don't (in my particular case) need to use a text editor to review or modify. I'm already doing other work with XD (primarily UI designs) so it makes sense. That said, I wish I could just follow a similar workflow in Affinity Designer; just create the design and export. My hunch was that I was simply missing something; a setting or preference.
  2. I had the following: Preset: SVG (for export) Raster DPI: left blank Area: Whole document
  3. I need to export designs as SVG so that they could be used in a web UI at a specific size (150 x 150 px). By this I mean that the graphic sits in a transparent space of those dimensions. However, even if I create a canvas with those dimensions and select to export the entire document, the SVG I get have dimensions that are based only on the space occupied by the objects inside the canvas and not including the clear space they sit in. I even tried making a rectangle in the background that's 150x150 px and setting opacity to 0% without luck. In AdobeXD, for example, I can create an artboard t
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