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  1. Hi Thanks for the reply, specs for Mac and Affinity preferences are below, the Mac has 16gb ram and has 650gb of free storage, I have also tried processing the image using a separate 480gb SSD drive, and also tried with every other application closed but I am getting the same results Regards Paul
  2. thanks for the replies any ideas why it is so slow on mine?
  3. Hi Dan This is one of the images that in am processing and they are all approximately the same file size, if just timed this one and it took 24 seconds which is causing me a bit of an issue when I have approx 300 to do Regards Paul IMG_4868.CR2
  4. Hi I am looking for some help, I am processing a number of Raw files and have created a preset with with exposure adjustments I require which will be applicable to all of the images. the problem I am having is that after completing and developing an image and then open the next the preset I have saved is showing in the preset box but the actual settings are the default settings, so I have to have to click on default and then click on the preset which was already showing and then the settings are applied to the image. What am I doing wrong?
  5. Hi thanks for your message, I have just updated to ver 1.9 which seems to improved the develop speed very slightly, but it is still taking over 20 seconds to process, I will try my daughters new Macbook and see if it is any quicker on that, as it may be my computer. Thanks again
  6. Hi I am currently using the trail version of Affinity photo and find the speed of develop and saving an image very slow compare to photoshop, is the full version any quicker? I am using a Mac running ver 10.13 i5 2.7 and 16gb ram. many thanks for any help Paul
  7. Hi John many thanks for your suggestion, however after trying it, which I had tried before the resolution of the reduced image is unusable, any ideas what I am doing wrong, the original image is 15.9mb so I do not understand why it will not reduce in size while maintaining quality, it works in photoshop ? Paul
  8. while this may resize the image the resolution of the resized image is rubbish
  9. Hi There I am a complete Newbie to Affinity, I have it on trial as I am thinking of moving from Photoshop which I have used for a number of years, I am struggling with a couple of things with Affinity, I will probably get my head around most of them but Resizing the image has me completely baffled. I am using a desktop Mac and want to resize my original image to a much smaller image (something like 100mm on the long side) while maintaining the resolution and aspect ratio, I suspect that there is an easy way to do this and once someone out there tells me how, I will feel like a complete dipstick, but at the moment it has me baffled, please help! Paul
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