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  1. Sorry for the delay replying. Thank you I will try that too. Thank you
  2. Hi Sorry for the delay. I've zoomed in and it shows perfectly aligned. It's very strange as shows aligned on the screen but changes when printed. I wondered if new printer was at fault hence why I tried Inkscape but that printed out perfectly.
  3. Hi, sorry. I used windows 10 and it's the new affinity designer as a trial and it would be a vector image. Let me see if it tells me what version of affinity.
  4. Sorry meant to say I've checked on Inkscape and it prints fine. Just would love to figure this out as really did like this software.
  5. I'm new to this software and still trialing but falling at first hurdle. When I am adding an image to a letter it shows correctly until I print - then it misaligns. Can someone help me please? I've attached image to show my issues. Thanks
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