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  1. Ok, thanks. Yeah, I’m aware of this method, but pixel textured brushes and vector-ish textured brushes do not match or yield the same result. I guess there is no way to keep a consistent look throughout my outline with Affinity if I need to use geometry. That’s unfortunate.
  2. I realize you can create shapes/geometry in the Draw persona and then apply a brush stroke(eg. a textured brush) from the vector brushes panel, but I’d like to be able to draw shapes(eg. an ellipse) with a pixel brush in the Pixel persona. I don’t like the inconsistency(extreme stretching) or the obvious pattern repetition of the vector-ish brushes in the Draw persona(I’m aware of the brush setting to choose Stretch or Repeat. I’m not talking about changing the setting. I’m talking about the resulting output of the way the Stretch setting looks regardless of what brush you choose). In addition
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