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  1. Hi everyone, probably a newbie question, but I just want to get it right before sending out my document for printing. I have created a document with multiple elements that have a 90% fill opacity (see screenshot attached) and overlay eachother: The colors I used are "normal" ones, so neither spot or overprint colors. When I export the file as a PDF (CMYK colors) everything looks as intended, so the opacity is still there. What will happen during printing? Will the opacity be visible on the printed document as well? Or will it be removed before printing, so in my example above it would be orange with 100% print opacity and the overlay effect would be lost? Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone, new Affinity Designer since yesterday here I'm currently working on my first project with the tool and have encountered something strange. I'd like to use to outer shadows for some text elements. This works quite well, unless I put some black background behind the text. Then the outer shadow (no matter which color it has) is not being displayed. It seems, like the shadow is hidden behind the background color. When I export the file as a PDF, the outer shadow is back again, both on the white and the black background. I attached 2 screenshots to show you the problem. Is this a bug or is there any setting I need to change, so the outer shadow is always shown, no matter which background color I use? Thanks in advance! Preview in Affinity Designer: Result in PDF Export:
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