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  1. I found a "solution". I developed the RAW files first and saved them as EXR. Then I stitched the EXR files. Now the panorama looks like the RAW files. What an unnecessary extra-step. But hey, it works for now. Thank you Kindly for your help!
  2. I disabled all actions and it did nothing that would have helped. But thanks for the guess! I'm afraid I don't understand exactly what you mean. I am working with Affinity Photo, just in case this wasn't clear. However, I thought batch jobs are for automated processing of photos. In what way does this interact with the panorama function? To make my situation more clear: I have 3 Raw files I want to stitch together with the Panorama option. But as soon as the software stitched the photos and showcase the thumbnail of it in the "new Panorama" window, they're experiencing
  3. I'm exclusively shooting Raw. Have been for years. And I'm pretty sure this issue is new, because I never noticed this behaviour before. I've stitched some panoramas in the past with no problems.
  4. Hello, I wanted to stitch photos together but then I noticed that the result was much darker and the highlights have been clipped. I was wondering if there are adjustments to disable the behaviour of automatically tweaking the photo. Because I very much like total control over these settings. I linked the Pano and on of the source images. Is that normal? Can I change that, or do I have to accept this flaw?
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