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  1. Ok that’s fair. I may grab the beta in that case. Thanks for the info and effort!
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think I may be able to wait for the release. I'm not sure if there is a regular release schedule, but do you have a rough idea of when this will make it into the retail update? I understand if not. And thank you again for your swift action. It's much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I've attached the crash report as requested. Separate issue I found, I attempted to paste an image from clipboard (new from clipboard) and the app hangs then has to be force closed after not responding. I'm happy to address this after we figure out what's up with the export issue. This M1 chip is probably causing devs a lot of issues. I really appreciate your help. Affinity Photo_2020-12-05-151408_Joshs-MacBook-Air.crash
  4. No matter what image file I open, when I attempt to export, I see the export dialog very briefly and then it crashes the application. I just bought this to get off of Photoshop. Hopefully there is a solution here. I'd consider this pretty severe. Any idea of what I can do to get around this? Exporting is sort of... important. I'm on the base Macbook Air M1 (8core/7core GPU).
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