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  1. Thank you for your replay. Your advice work perfectly. Best, Daisy.
  2. I have been using Affinity for over a year. I also use aperture and nik however as i become more comfortable with Affinity I am using quite a bit more. Question, I have always dragged my best photos to the bottom of the screen from aperture and then dowloaded. Did an update yesterday on iMac and Affinity now covers the entire screen making drag and drop impossible. Is there a way I can restore the large view without having to minimize to the very small option.
  3. I am aware of this. Any idea why I am having trouble in trying to download El Capitan? Really an Apple issue not Affinity's. Really love the full Affinity program and probably will not be doing much in Photos. Old Aperture user. Will we ever be able to store on Affinity. Sure hope so.
  4. Thanks, JFisher. I have downloaded 1.4. Still however using Yosemite. I need to download El Capitan. So far have not been able to do this. iMac is only a few years old, shouldn't be a problem. Need to get to the bottom of this glitch.
  5. Noticed this morning that we may now go to edit in Apple Photos and click on to obtain about 5 extensions . I have been using Affinity since June so opening the program first is not the problem. So far I don't have this available. Even tried turning off the IMac. They are not talking to each other.
  6. Callum, Up until this post i have been going to file and exporting to Aperture and an email to myself as I wanted to save the corrections. I am now choosing the Export mode and setting things up there before exporting. Not loosing as many MP's. Like many of us I am learning. Pentaxian, I am a creature of habit. You are right. I should just download to Aperture and delete iPhoto. I have basically never used iPhoto since I switched to a Mac. Really wonder if Photos should be retained, if Aperture is completely discontinued we could be in left without a storage space. I have 3 G d
  7. Aperture was my main software program along with NIK plugins. I never deleted iPhotos so basically I download to iPhoto and transferred to Aperture to correct. I love Affinity however don't want to give up Aperture or Nik. Particularly need Aperture for storage and cataloguing. Have been warned by others not to use Photos for different reasons. Am thinking what difference does it make if I download to Photos or iPhoto. Question--when using Affinity on Raw it works fine. If I transfer a previously edited photo say 24MB after Aperture and perhaps NIK it is reduced to 200-400 kb after editi
  8. Very frustrated. whenever I try and fine tune an image that has previously edited in Aperture an often NIK it is downsized from over 20 MB to under 1 MB in Affinity. Sometimes the Photo itself has been cropped however not enough to account for the loss of resolution. Am I setting my parameters correctly in the on load phase. If not what is the setup for a standard photo entry and a RAW entry.

  9. Explains a lot. Sometimes I had been reprocessing jpegs in Aperture to Raw, then bringing them to Affinity to see if I could perhaps get a better product. They may not have actually gone completely back to Raw. I was picking up the MP's in Aperture or in mail after I exported the edit back, not in Affinity. I have dragged my heals on converting to Lightroom and never used photoshop. I really like Affinity and hope I will learn it just as I did Aperture. Use iPhoto and Aperture for storage. Would closing down iPhoto and using Photos and Aperture make for a smoother product. Once again, T
  10. I am a long time Nik and Aperture user. Downloaded Affinity and have been playing with it for a couple of weeks. I like the product very much however am experienceing some very basic problems. So far I have just been dragging individual raw photos into the program. Not having as much trouble with the tools as I am with just getting started in a consistent manner. Ofter I will correct the photo go to develop and get a message saying "Please select an RGB pixel layer before entering Develop." Another time I will not have that problem. Often the MP will increase and occasionally dramatical
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