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  1. Walt.Farrell - Bingo! That was the cause, thank you very much! I wouldn't have found this myself. Affinity Photo reinstalled, Affinity Designer opens without issue.
  2. I did not change default install locations and both apps ran fine before this - I haven't changed anything. With the installer, I can't even get to the screen where I can choose the install location. Windows is fully updated and rebooted. The installer I'm trying is one I downloaded an hour or so ago, Affinity Photo affinity-photo-1.8.5.exe
  3. Affinity Photo won't launch (launches, briefly shows in Task Manager. then quietly dies). I figured I'd try to update and see if the latest version works, but the installer does the same thing. Briefly launches, then dies without any error messages. I do not have any of the listed conflicting software installed, I disabled my antivirus. That didn't work. The Uninstaller does work fine (meaning I uninstalled and can't check which version I had installed. New installer won't run after uninstall either). Affinity Designer has the same issue and won't launch either. Installed version for that is on Windows 10 x64 All other software on my PC (that I've tried so far) opens perfectly fine. 6c225bb1-655f-4d28-a8bb-dff32b7f52c9.dmp
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