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  1. This bug is not limited to Windows version, I have the same problem and it's a real hassle, I have over 150 artboards that during the export change size up by a pixel in one or both directions... looking closer it's the slicing tool that creates the problem, it can snap to art board and I can't figure how to fix this :( - when can we expect a patch for this?
  2. Hi, as part of my work, sometimes I have to open existing PDF documents (created in Adobe's kingdom by ID) and edit the text and/or add/change some images, export again as PDF and re-integrate in the multi-page document (a catalogue of sorts). For this I pull out the page from the document (I tried both dragging it out and opening the entire document in AD and selecting the target page, just to make sure), applying the changes and exporting (both with and without slices) the page as PDF for print. However the output file tends to be relatively huge (20X or more than original!) as compared to the page I dragged out of the original document (in the example 255 kb VS 7 mb). I tried to play around with export options and I managed to get it down to 3+ mb, but at this point the quality in unacceptable. Could you please shed some light on this? I'm attaching sample files. Thanks a lot and BTW, looking forward Affinity Publisher. I apologise in advance if my lack of knowledge on PDF lead to this. 04.pdf PRESENTAZIONE-ADRIANODESIGN-2015-03 (dragged).pdf
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