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  1. When I "Select All" in Publisher, it selects everything on the current page. How can I select all objects on ALL pages? Thanks Neel
  2. If anyone is curious, I solved this by checking the "Anchors" panel. Looks like when I pasted from Word, Designer created a bunch of anchors which then got exported as bookmarks. I had to delete all the anchors (one by one; I wish the delete button would work if multiple anchors are selected) and that solved the problem.
  3. Hi all I have a document in Publisher, setup a Table of Contents and I'm getting any repeats of bookmarks when I export to PDF. I selected both "Hyperlinks" and "Bookmarks" in the PDF export settings. I also have hyperlinks in the document. But when I open it in Acrobat, there are many repeats of each bookmark. What might be causing this? Thanks Neel
  4. Thanks Walt, I just noticed that a minute ago! Tiny little button, easy to miss. They don't refer to it in the help either...
  5. Hi all First time using a TOC in Publisher, but it's not showing the page numbers. What am I doing wrong? Thanks Neel
  6. Hi everyone I have a layout in Publisher with several "headline" screen captures that overlap. They all have white backgrounds, and when I put an Outer Glow FX any of the objects (or the group) the glow doesn't show on the overlap portions. I tried every Blend mode, but none of them made any difference. When I did it in Power Point, the glow showed across all objects. How do I do this in Designer? Thanks Neel
  7. Thanks Walt! I did actually find the Language setting in the Character studio tab. All my text was set to "(unavailable) EN-CA" which I think AP took from my Windows settings. I had to click inside each text box, select all, then change the language setting to UK English. I wish I could just select all boxes and change this, but it look likes AP needs text actually selected. I only had about 20 boxes, so no big deal. Then I selected UK English in Preferences, restarted AP, and now new text boxes default to UK English. Typos and spelling errors are being underlined now. Neel
  8. I have "Check Spelling While Typing" selected, but words are not being underlined. If I try to execute "Check Spelling" I get an error that there's no dictionary installed for Canadian English. I'm happy to use British English, but not sure where I select this. The folder "C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\Dictionaries" is empty - this can't be right can it? Thanks Neel
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