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  1. This is a large part of the problem, not understanding what all these terms mean, and are supposed to do, like 'tolerance' and 'feather' etc etc the Help section in Affinity is not really that helpful in my opinion of course.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Thanks @thatguy for the great video. This is proving to be not as easy as I thought it might be, it's both a science and an art - even something like selecting an image! I will try to do with with the raw file and follow this video, maybe with the raw file I can get the edges a bit sharper and defined.
  3. hi there. I can't seem to select this item accurately in Affinity. The Flood select tool cannot workout the edges, and the refinement options don't seem to improve the selection either. Is there some way I can do this or maybe it's not possible because its difficult for the software to indentify the image edges from the background? Thanks
  4. Yeh actually I don't know how to do it in photoshop also but the big difference is there so many videos on Youtube on how to make the background white using Photoshop but none on how to do this using Affinity, however i have acutually found one video on youtube also.
  5. Hi thanks for your replies, I will play around with these two methods. However on first tests it does appear to change the colour of the stone as well (very very slightly but I can notice it) - which is something I have to avoid.
  6. HI ! Does anyone know how I can make the background of this image all white using Affinity (Windows) or can it only be done in photoshop? Thanks!
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