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  1. I have version and can confirm that Particleshop works with AP on Windows.
  2. This is an interesting one. I am on PC (Windows 10). I have a set of plug-ins, including DxO Nik Collection and Corel ParticleShop, that I can access via the Filter menu in PS. However, when I want to add them to Affinity Photo, I cannot find them in the Plug-ins folder within Program Files --> Photoshop --> Plugins. All the tutorials on Youtube point to this folder to import plugins into AP. Is there another location I should be looking at? \
  3. @Murfee thanks that does work. It's not the most convenient workflow in the world, but it works.
  4. Thanks for the response, but my question is a little different. I don't want to add a gradient to the selection. I want to add it in addition to the selection. Step 1 - make a selection of the duck and add a mask to isolate it Step 2 - add a gradient to the mask to select other areas (outside of the duck) Affinity_Photo_2020-11-28_21-27-06.mp4
  5. Further, it is (in a sense) backwards to add the gradient first. The way I would want to do is to select the peacock, isolate it to a new layer. Then I would blur the background and then decide how much of the rest of the foreground needs to be brought back into focus. Hence the additive gradient. Would you be willing to share a test image with me with your steps? Thanks.
  6. I'm not sure I follow. Here's what I think your workflow would look like: 1. Make selection of subject (peacock), isolate to new layer 2. Add any adjustment layer, curves, for example. Make no adjustment. 3. Add a mask to adjustment layer and add required gradient to that mask 4. Confused after this step. What do you mean by "add selection and paint black"?
  7. Hi, I have an image with a peacock as the subject with busy tree/bushes in the background. I want to select the peacock and the ground around its feet to keep them in focus, and blur the rest of the background. I am selecting the peacock using the Selection Brush Tool. I want to select the ground around its feet. In Photoshop, it allows you to add a white to transparent gradient on top of the existing selection. When I try to replicate the same in AP, the gradient replaces the original selection. Is there a way to add the gradient, rather than replace the original solution?
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