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  1. Hello man, buna ziua. Well, in the corporations where I worked they had a custom OS X kernel. But this is not something the public is going to benefit from including many SME. However, for sure, this has a cost. Everyone would benefit if there were Linux versions of these products available.
  2. Dear All, I think that now more than ever developers which will offer Linux products will be very appreciated. After the latest news regarding the Spying system on Big Sur, etc. I do not see reason whereby large enterprises would not rather move to Linux. Not only that, with the new system Apple in the foreseeable future could make a DB with all the digital signatures and allow only some programs to be run. Apple could even force developers to pay their cut even though they do not use the App Store to distribute their product (30%). How's that? You have the government taking up to 50% (even more in some countries) when you have a company, 30% goes to Apple, you basically have worked to feed other entities. Ubuntu to me looks mature enough, if just a few companies like the one behind Affinity would switch for me it would be the time I just install Linux everywhere. If we got Affinity products, something like Adobe XD and Davinci resolve I would have no reason to have a Mac. Given that some moves must be planned in advance because they take time to implement, I think this is the right time. You know, it's the same thing with AWS: at first companies fall in love with it because everything is ready to go and then, as the user base raises and they start to see some huge bills, they start thinking of how they can switch to something else to save money and start building their own cloud infrastructure.
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