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  1. Hi Chris, Concerning the pictures from my DSLR I proceed in the same way, but I have *.raw files there. But this practice does not work with the *.dng files supplied by the drone, because on my PC the resolution of these files is not better than with the *.jpg. Hence my suspicion that it is the dng-codec installed on the system. Thanks Rolf
  2. Hi John, If you zoom both files to 500% I would expect a significant difference between the jpg and the dng. The picture from my last post is a online-converted file and the original dng should be also better. Thanks Rolf
  3. Hi Chris, Thanks for the reference to File Viewer Plus. Unfortunately the dng cannot be opened with the free version. All programs tried so far (Affinity Photo, DxO, Excire Foto, XnVieMP, ..) display all *.dng in unsatisfactory quality. The attached file is a detail of the online-converted *.dng (dng => png) and zoomed to 500%. This image is much better than the dng on my PC. When I open the dng with Affinity the quality is the same for the un-processed "piece of meat" as for the cooked one. Am I possibly subject to a problem of understanding? Normally I work with raw-files (*.nef) from my Nikon D850 and I am happy with the quality. Rolf
  4. Something went wrong with the links. Here are the correct ones: http://gofile.me/6HW2k/kwm6wkdhU http://gofile.me/6HW2k/1ovc0nLmA Sorry for the confusion.
  5. Hi Kirk, Thank you for the fast answer. For different reasons I prefer the raw files and don't need the jpg from the drone. As I understand it, a codec for the dng files is installed on my PC, which does not work well. But I have no idea how to replace it. I appreciate that you want to look at the files: http://gofile.me/6HW2k/ZyfB93mnG http://gofile.me/6HW2k/8EB2FJ1ri Rolf
  6. Hi, I have a problem with the resolution of dng files. In Affinity Photo imported dng files (40 MB) are poor in image quality compared to jpg files (9 MB). The photos are made with a DJI Mavic Pro and are available as dng and jpg files. The drone has a Hasselblad camera installed. My guess is that the wrong codec is installed on my PC (Windows 10 Pro, 64 Bit). In any case an online conversion (online-umwandeln.de, dng => png) delivers a good quality. A test with Adobe Lightroom also did not deliver acceptable quality. What could be the cause? How can I uninstall the dng codec in Win 10?
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