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  1. Wow ! I don't remember much. SVG was imported by a simple drag&drop. I don't know what you refer as <portion>, I certainly didn't edit the SVG manually ! I remember trying to double-click the icon to edit it, as I wanted to assign a color to the icon directly (but found my way out through the Layers effects). But I guess the software shouldn't crash in such case: maybe a warning about what's corrupt? and proposing to repair or remove the corrupted parts? Sorry to not being able to provide you more details.
  2. Hello @Gabe No, not at all - I don't know how to pin objects. But I've put the icon in the master page, which should reflect on all pages then. So I remove this image and I'll be good? Thanks?
  3. Hello, I've tried to play with TOC using a style in master, it was behaving messy, giving me 2 entries instead of one. Next thing I know, it now always crashes when I open, edit something, and save. For example you can open the attached file, edit the title by adding one char and saving => crash. Thanks. Cookbook.afpub
  4. Hello @GarryP, Thanks a lot for the tip. It's kinda working, but not as good or easy as Photoshop. Hope it'll be improved in the future.
  5. Hello, I'm trying the Publisher demo to see if it could replace some work I do in Photoshop. There's a feature I need a lot in my designs, it's the Pattern overlay. Let's say I'm picking a rectangle, I go to Layer style > Pattern overlay and pick a pattern (you can import .pat files) and then this pattern is applied repeatedly to the shape. I can play with transparency, size, etc. I haven't found anything to do the same in Affinity Publisher. The Fill tool doesn't do the same.. Any idea for me, as this is really a blocker 😞 Will this feature come? Otherwise, I love the software.. great job guys. Thanks.
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