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  1. Hi Pesenda and Jowday, thanks for your further help. It's really appreciated. In my case I have solved the problem by following the advice in this article https://www.lightroomqueen.com/how-do-i-change-my-monitor-profile-to-check-whether-its-corrupted/ which as you can see is written for Lightroom but seems to work ok for AP. Basically for Windows 10 it involves going into Colour Management and changing the default Profile to sRGB IE 61966-2.1. I'm using a Samsung Syncmaster T240 monitor. Thanks again
  2. Thanks to Pesenda, Chris26 and Kirkt. I have found that the image as in MS Photo prints out much the same as the same image in AP even though the on screen image in AP has a distinct yellow caste. By experimenting I find I cannot make a white fill layer, it is yellow. I thought it might be the New Document set up that is causing the problem but I am using the profile suggested in Leigh's FAQ.I don't think altering the display settings would solve it as that would alter the image in both apps. Thanks anyway but I would like to know why I can't make a white fill layer.
  3. When I open a photo in AP which I've retrieved from another app (eg Irfanview, MS Photo) it seems to have a colour caste. Why the difference and is the AP rendition the more correct?
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