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  1. ... unfortunately I cannot share these files with Serif / Affinity Support, too. But I guess, that publisher does well with one kind of routine but struggles with others. So for example copying and renaming files … Are there others?
  2. Adapting routines is a good hint, thanks carl123. Copy&Paste files in Finder did work well with Indesign for over one decade. If it helps Publisher to use the menu File > Save as… I will go for this instead. The problem with this lagging files occoured in my two last professional projects, which I am unfortunately not allowed to share. Do you have a guess, which other routines (besides perhaps File > Save as… ) could prevent this issue? (See questions of my last post)
  3. Thanks, garrettm30! This does not solve the problem, because I don't know »Publishers« problem with some of my files, but I was able to export and safe a pdf with the beta. Thanks for this! With this problem unsolved in mind, I am worried about relying my daily work on publisher. Did someone else have a similar problem and found a way to deal with it? What could cause this lagging files? Broken links to ressouces? Specific kind of ressource format? Could copy&paste of graphics out of Indesign cause this problems? Are broken links on master pages even worser than on standard pages?
  4. Hi there! I 've been enjoying »publisher« for mounth – now I am struggling with extremly poor performing files. To lower the concequences in terms of data loss, I use to copy my files and rename them from time to time. And yes, there are linked pictures & pdf files included (for example approx. 30 items with 50 MB in total – from different location on the local hard drive). Now, it is not more possible to open selected files, neither erase linked pictures, pages nor export the file as a pdf-file. Publisher does not take any command at the named example file, hangs, or crashes. Is there any chance to figure out how to solve this problem with this specific files? Thank you very much!
  5. Hello! I found out, that affinity offers "macros" ("Makros") and "batch" Processes ("Stapelverarbeitung") like PS does with "Actions" ("Aktionen"). But what I am painfull miss is an option to record a "export to pdf" within a macro-recording, or the option to "save as pdf" within the "new batch job". I would really like to switch completely to affinity photo, will this "feature" be implementend in future? Thx, Fabian
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