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  1. this works fine for this partucular task, and yes, you can select all of the shapes and combine them in two steps. BUT - This feature only works with closed shapes. Not all projects are based on closed shapes. You can also remove stubs sticking out of a shape with the shape builder tool.
  2. I will try out the advice from "firstdefence". Thanks. But being able to define your mirroring axis point is still something that´s missing. I will watch this thread,
  3. As a fashion designer using Affinity Designer to draw fashion flats, I am seriously missing the shape builder tool from Illustrator. I draw the garment as a whole and then add in seams. if I then try to use Divide in the upper right corner, all my curved seams turn into a shape of their own. see below; first picture is my regular drawing, the second is after I Divide Do you see what happened there. The reason I need to separate at some lines is to be able to use a different colour to demonstrate a different fabric. Like here: Of course it is possible to draw the garment in pieces, but that takes twice the time. So "PLEASE" I am asking as nicely as I can, add a tool that acts like the shape builder 🙏
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