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  1. One thing I miss the most at first sight in Affinity Photo is "Hide Layer" keyboard shortcut. I use CMD+tilde. Also, having a layer visibility toggle to the right is awkward. I would prefer it to have it to the left.
  2. 543refgserg

    Crash on refine edges

    The same - after you make refinements on large images it crashes (1.3.4)..
  3. Right now, it is impossible to work in Affinity for real as it's missing many pro features. One of them is having my healing brush settings saved so that whenever I enable that tool it's left how I set it up - Brush shape, Current & Below, Align, etc. The solution with Brush window is not practical. I use very flat healing brush (1% shape) and it's not working in Affinity. Not only that, but also ALT-clicking is not responsive enough for a serious job. There's a tremendous lag, the cross hair is not shrinking accordingly to brush size. Also, optional tools that are located under J shortcut should require a shift to press in order not to switch on accidentally. Professional workflows show aim for speed and efficiency, neither of which Affinity Photo is providing in sufficient detail at the moment.
  4. Having to make new merged layers just to use liquify is a real burden. I would really like to have Liquify persona work like a non-destructive and infinitely additive process for not only individual layers but also entire image, all the time. That would be something revolutionary. It's what I don't like about Photoshop - you need to be considerate when it comes to liquify because it only works on smart object that you need to open to fix something after applying liquify. Affinity's Liquify persona could work like a master mesh that just "is" and you don't need to apply it.

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