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  1. Mostly just been creating a new pixel layer blopping colour down with paintbrush and copying that over. I was mostly just hoping there would have been a check box I over looked or something.
  2. That video is close to what I'm trying to accomplish, but I believe that's the design, not affinity photo? Or am I mistaken? I had been using the application swatches but if i don't need to save the colour and quickly swap the colour in the picker changes. I was just unsure if I was missing a check box or something to stop this from happening.
  3. Don't know if any one has run into this, but when going back and forth between two canvases I would use the colour picker tool, grab a colour to use, but upon going to my second canvas to use said colour the swatches swaps out to a different colour. Is there a way to stop this from happening so that I can keep the selected colours and swatches as I use them across the different canvases?
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