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  1. Oh I posted the original file before, here are screenshots after importing into GoodNotes. The first two links are the file after importing into Goodnotes, The first is the file, the second is when using the text writing function in GN to write notes on the document. It enlarges the portion in the square so you can write on the file. The third link is the writing view of a different document which was saved as a pdf. Am I expecting too much for the png file to have the crispness like the pdf? Thanks for your help! https://mystuff.bublup.com/ui/landing_page?item_id=001-i-2b4d915b-8a83-47bd-bb29-c23b813fe114 https://mystuff.bublup.com/ui/landing_page?item_id=001-i-c6f06978-294e-40a3-972f-d374361c3c44 https://mystuff.bublup.com/ui/landing_page?item_id=001-i-1a2b6129-9565-474c-a9bb-0ce2074b9650
  2. No image effects that I know of anyway! While this is 'acceptable' - I want crisp text, like I would see in my Kindle. My goal is to import the file into a note taking app called Good Notes so that I can place the file on top different colored backgrounds. The most I can find out from GoodNotes is that they accept the following files for importing: "Image, PDF, Word (doc, dox) and Power Point ppt, pptx" I have tried Tiff, and while it will import into GoodNotes with a transparent background, the results are pretty much the same. Maybe I am trying to achieve something that isnt possible?
  3. Hello, I am trying to make transparent png files, that are only words, no pictures. These are forms that can be digitally imported into apps such as Good Notes. I have made the forms, it's just the sharpness of the font isn't what I would like, I mean the finished file is 'acceptable' but I want it crisper, sharper. I have tried setting up the document at 300 dpi and also at 400 dpi, I do not see much improvement at the 400 dpi. I have tried Serif and San Serif fonts. I have also tried using both the regular text tool and the artistic text tool. I do not want to make pdfs. I want the user to be able to be able to place the file over different backgrounds. Are there other settings I should be using? Thanks!
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