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  1. If a layer isn't selected nothing happens in PS, holding CMD allows you to click a pixel and have the corresponding layer activated. So you can draw a line, CMD drag it somewhere and then continue drawing, all without changing tools. It's this very nice transparent combination of being able to manipulate things I was looking for, but it seems it's not available in Photo. Pressing the arrow keys in Photo gives a completely unpredictable result where the contents of the layer jumps diagonally around, probably a bug.
  2. By default CMD moves the layer, which is very nice when you work in a multi layer work flow.
  3. That is the same as in PS, but it requires you to change tool, that's what I don't want to do :)
  4. One of the most useful keyboard shortcuts in Photoshop (imo) is the CMD to move (CMD + arrows nudges 1pixel, with SHIFT modifier to nude 10pixels). In Affinity Photo the CMD key is completely unused when working normally with a document, looking in the options for shortcuts there doesn't seem to be much in terms of advanced shortcuts. I know AP is not PS, but moving things around are quite useful and not using the normal modifier keys, instead leaving them dead, seems like very bad UX. Am I missing something, is CMD actually used for anything and/or can I get the desired behavior?
  5. It seems like Affinity is focusing a lot on features, which I guess is important for the competition, but it seems like as soon as something is done there's no polishing done. My absolute biggest problem right now is the export persona and how it doesn't save settings between exports, how has this been allowed to be broken for over a year? I'm currently trying to move over from Creative Cloud but things like this make it impossible.
  6. When creating a new image there's a drop down with the label "DPI". This is incorrect, images doesn't have DPI (it's a printer unit), they have PPI.
  7. So in the menu there's Open Recent > Clear Menu, that works as intended. However, using the OSX "View all windows for the current app" (Control-Down Arrow) you get another history bar below the main window, how do I go about clearing that? Logically clearing history in one place should clear it everywhere.
  8. Ah, that is great, I was looking in that persona but didn't see any specific mention of metadata, maybe you could make this a bit clearer so people actually know that it is being stripped :) Thanks for the quick reply!
  9. First of all, love Affinity Photo, great start! One thing I think is missing is the ability to wipe all metadata on export, usually all I need is the ICC profile, the other data is pointless. I know there's an EXIF overview, but you can't edit in that unless I'm mistaken?

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