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  1. Hello, there seems to be an issue with typography with type on curved paths. It is as if the program thinks the type takes up more space than it does. Selecting all the text gives an apparent se;ection much longer than the text actually is. Moving the cursor through the text with the arrow keys does not aliogn with the actual letters. Adjusting kerning between letters gives strange results, moving the letters to where the cursor seems to think they are. Difficult to explain. I have attached three screenshots that show (1) selection of a line of curved text (the top text is on a different path and different layer, only the bottom text is on the layer and path I'm working on); (2) cursor poitioned after the first letter (should be between the M and the E); (3) effect of a small increase of kerning (one click of the up arrow next to kern parameter in the character dialogue) between the M and the E. Thanks. Dean
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