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  1. Hello EmT, your suggestions worked! There were overlapping text frames which once I removed I could relink the pages without much hassle. Many thanks. You guys are super. As regards to the missing text frame I am afraid there could be a bug in the program. You may want to check it at your end. Thanks a lot. Regards Somraj
  2. Delikning Text Frames.webm Have uploaded the file. For your reference you may straight head to page 158 where the issue had cropped up (although it had cropped up elsewhere as well). I have added the 4 pages and kept it that way. Also I tried un-linking the frame text page before the beginning of the 4 added pages. However it seems the links are not disabling or the page is not getting isolated from the array. Or am I missing something? Best, Somraj
  3. Sure. Please share the private upload link here and I will share it with you. Since this is a book layout kindly do not share it back publicly. And in regards to your suggestion could you please elaborate how I can "break" the text flow in between page. That would be helpful and I'll try it our right away. Thanks again. Waiting for your upload link so that I may share the document for your perusal. Thanks Somraj Dutta
  4. Hello, (PLEASE WATCH THE SCREEN CAST VIDEO INCASE YOU ARE UNABLE TO VISUALIZE THE PROBLEM STATEMENT) Would be glad if someone could help me understand where I am going wrong. I am creating a book layout with two sets of Master Pages - Master A - For simple text one column text and Master B - for holding the Chapter Titles. However the problem is arising when I am trying to insert pages within the layout and reflowing text using the text-flow buttons (triangular linking buttons). Scenario: Sometimes I face a situation where I need to increase the Font size of the book. When that happens I need to add additional pages to accommodate the new enlarged fonts. At times I want to push a Chapter Title (frame) down by adding new pages to accommodate the extra text. This helps because when the new Chapter gets pushed down I can pull the text from above by inserting blank pages and reflowing the text into those pages. Problem Statement: I add the new blank pages (say before the Chapter Title Frame). And now I go back to the Flow Text Button (Blue Triangle) and try to populate the blank pages. However when I click the flow button and try to the link the next page (already framed as it is a duplicated master page) it DOES NOT get highlighted. Instead the cursor turns into a "Text Frame"! If I try to skip that page and populate the next one - NOTHING FLOWS. Instead this new page gets linked while it remains blank. The flow button creates an Additional link into that page without the flowing the text. The original link remains intact creating multiple diagonal links garbling the arrangement. I hope this makes sense however PLEASE WATCH THE SCREEN CAST TO VISUALLY SEE THIS IN ACTION. Would be grateful to get some assistance to learn where I am going wrong Thanks a lot Best Somraj Dutta Text Flow Issue.webm
  5. Hi I am facing a strange problem. I watched an Affinity tutorial lately, where the instructor mentioned a neat trick to paste a large volume of text using a short-key : Holding Shift & Then Click The Text Overflow blue triangle when pasting a large volume of text in a single frame. By doing that the documents automatically get populated one by one till the end. I thought this would be a huge time saver. I created a new document and a default master page (facing pages). This is particularly useful when handling large volume of texts running into 100+ pages like publishing a book. But when I am doing (i.e. clicking on the over flow triangle icon. that the text is flowing BUT it is only populating only 1 side/ 1 face of each spread and linking them down till the end of the document. How can I avoid this can any body help? This is also happening when I am NOT using the Shift + Triangle command BUT pasting it manually after creating text frames on a master page. Am I doing anything wrong? If there are any experts here kindly suggest Thanks a lot Som
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