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  1. Sure yes, I thought you wanted to be reassured about my workflow.
  2. A video might be stretching it What I do is; use SilkyPix to create a TIFF from Fuji RAW - so I that is irrelevant Open TIFF in Affinity Duplicate the Base layer Then I might do some cloning to remove items which I have done in this example Select using select brush Use New Adjustment Layer Select Curves And get this It won't always happen like that. Sometimes it works just fine. No Nik or any filters on this one. If I delete the above layer, deselect and then choose curves for the whole image I get this No sniggering but I'd then use the curve in relation to the histogram to start my fiddling to get what I want like this maybe Hopefully I'm doing something stupid. Mike
  3. Equally, I understand what you're saying but I'm not bothered about the histogram updating live in the curves window as it's just a launch pad for me. Sadly at the moment neither of us is served fully by Affinity. Still love it though.
  4. Personally, I find the histogram useful as it gives me an indication of where I want to adjust the curve. I have my own simple starting points which relies on the histogram and then I work from there. Gabe may have a different suggestion.
  5. I have no idea if this is normal but no histogram at all and this pretty much always the case with a selection.
  6. Color FX Pro, probably Tonal contrast. But I am by no means sure that's a common factor. I use curves a lot and this happens to me more than I'd wish. Sometimes no histogram at all.
  7. It doesn't always happen to here either but I have this intermittent problem for some time now. It's possible that it's related to the use of Nik filters but I'm not certain.
  8. Look at the screen shot below from the latest Windows release of Photo. Can that be right for the curves section? I know it's pretty monochromatic but it's not helpful.
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