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  1. Thanks for this, MEB. It's good to know why at least. Sorry if I underplayed the difficulty of extension. I guess I'm just frustrated as I'm an affinity fan. I know this feature would be so helpful for future users, as an API would benefit many plugins not just astute graphics, and lastly can I recommend adding a feature to measure paths both lines and curves, as that is what started this query. Unfortunately, whilst being a huge fan of affinity, have had to subscribe to adobe (yuck) in order to make my vector-based sewing patterns and will use astute graphics plugins (VectorScribe mainly). :O( I hate supporting Adobe in any way. However, I will continue to do some work in Designer to keep current, and keep an eye out on your update news - hopefully one day you will extend the range of features. Thanks
  2. To get back on point, has there been any progress here? I am using affinity for clothes pattern drafting, but really need to measure lines and curves. I am loathe to subscribe to illustrator as I hate their subscription policy, would love to be able to use VectorScribe (which measures paths) from astute graphics but are we still not able to use plugins 3 yrs on from this original thread? It seems like a simple tool that would benefit many, and I know Designer already - I don't want to go to a CAD system or Adobe. but at this rate, the software seems unwilling to bend, and I don't understand why. In fact many of the plugins Astute Grpahics offer look great, and all Affinity need do is allow 3rd party plugins. What is the problem?
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