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  1. I am just learning about external storage bug as it's the first time in 2 years this has happened to me. Is there a hack to recover the corrupted file? tried placing from a new file but still doesn't work.
  2. Uploaded a sample set. the live filter (not adjustment layer, my bad) 'covers' all the layers beneath it.
  3. Haven't tested with all adjustment layers but it seems to be 'hiding' layers below it after switching to facing pages in layout
  4. sorry I get it now. Never noticed this in designer before and could've sworn the pages reverted back to artboards when I reopened in designer.
  5. Yes. I mean the artboards are hidden in Designer. DESIGNER create artboards File > Edit in Publisher... PUBLISHER convert artboards to spreads > Yes DESIGNER missing artboards/pages export to pdf > pages are present
  6. Hi Designer artboards are suddenly hidden when I use File > Edit in Publisher... and convert artboards to spreads. They're still present when you export as pdf though.
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