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  1. Imagine a scenario where you need to develop 200 time-lapse RAW images and want to apply same custom preset to it. If AF remembered last applied preset or you could overwrite the default one, you could use batch job for it. Opening every photo in develop persona and clicking twice or thrice on drop down menu is not very ideal solution. This should not be hard to implement and there have been people asking for it for some time.
  2. It would be awesome if I could define default preset that is applied in develop persona. Right now even if I save a preset I have to select it 3 times for each tab after opening a RAW photo. Daniel
  3. Do you think it is related to the bit depth? I don't get this artefacts in 8 bit workflow.
  4. Hi Anon, weird thing is mine does not get fixed if I change blending mode to normal.
  5. Hello, why does masked adjustment layer yields different result depending on whether mask is applied directly (correct result) or on the group that adjustment is nested inside. Could it be because I work in 32 bit mode?
  6. Hello MEB, thank you for logging it, this will do it as workaround for the time being
  7. Hello during recent project I noticed that exported transparent png had very darkened transparency pixel with effects applied on top. I have made a little test and found out that effects were applied correctly when I had white BG layer. Otherwise when exported without the shite BG layer, transparency darkened to almost full opaque.Is this a bug or I am doing something wrong? Greetings, Daniel TT_Campus_Baume.afphoto
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