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  1. I got it ! Right clicked to "open with" affinity designer
  2. I do mean those ! Whenever i download it appears as an affinity photo file, any way around this?
  3. I recently downloaded the "Fineliner brushes" pack for Affinity photo. When I install the brushes they say "vector brushes installed" How can I access the vector brushes on Affinity photo? I don't see them show up in the brushes panel
  4. Hey y'all, I have inserted embedded documents into my file (layers with images) so that I can duplicate them and change them all simultaneously. I am having difficulty changing the color. Usually, if I place an image, I can select it and then go to the color wheel to change the tone of the image to whatever color I please. In this instance, when I try to change the color of an embedded document it either a) doesn't work or b) changes the whole layer to the selected color and the image is no longer visible. Any tips on how to fix this?
  5. I can't for the life of me figure out how to embed images on Designer. I've tried looking all over but nobody else seems to be running into this issue so I wonder if it is a dumb question. As I understand, whenever I place an object using either the option in file menu or Photo placing tool the image is automatically considered 'embeded' so that duplicates of that image can be edited simultaneously. I have tried importing a few different images, duplicating them, and then editing, but it will only edit one instance of the image. Additionally, if you look on the layers menu each of the objects says "image" rather than "embedded document" like I have seen on some tutorials. Maybe I'm doing something foolish? Help me figure it out. I want to know a way that I can edit duplicate objects simultaneously with the same changes.
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