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  1. Hello, thanks I found the solution in this YouTube-Video if anyone has the same problem: Simply go to View -> Studio -> Charakter -> Language -> there you can change the settings for the language. Or in the german Version Ansicht -> Studio -> Zeichen -> Sprache -> Sprache dort auswählen Most of the times the charakter column/panel is already open on the right hand side, just got to language and select the needed language. Best regards
  2. Dear Affinity Team, I would like to write my CV twice. Once in german and once in english. So I found, that I can change the language for the whole settings of Affinity from english to german (vice versa). But my question is: Is it also possible to change the language settings just for the orthography checker. So I could change between two differnet documents that are open at the same time and in one document it shows me the german spelling mistakes and in the other open document it marks the spelling mistakes in my english texts. That would be very helpful, as right now everything is marked red as I am not using the right language for the orthography checker and I do not want to change the settings for the whole programm every time.. . If this option does not exist yet, I would recommend to include it in a later version of Affinity Publisher. Best regards and thank you
  3. Dear Affinity-Team, dear community, I am working with Affinity for a while now, and I am really happy with the product. One thing though is bothering me a lot when working with Affinity Publisher. I remember from my Adobe times, that it was possible to add pages from one document to the end, beginning or any page of another document open at the same time. So for example, if I wanted to integrate one page from one open document into another, I just needed to click right and I could choose between the options: "Duplicate page to beginning, end, page ... of this document" or "Duplicate page to beginning, end, page ... of document ... (documents name)" and then there was a list of all the documents open at that moment. This was a really easy and fast function in the Adobe Suite, that I liked. Is there any similar option in Affinity? Thanks for your help Best regards
  4. Dear Affinity-Team, I am glad that you developed that program and I recently started to work with it for my office. Hence, I do not jet have enough knowledge about all the features of the program. But what I realized already: It is not possible to fix the Master Layout as a top-layer on each page. For example: I do have a large document, on which I want each page to use the master-Layout A. So first I design the Master-Layout with page numbers, frames, etc. Next, I want that this master-layer is always the top layer on each page. But normally, as soon as I drag a photo or other elements on a page, the Master-Layer is normally the lower layer. Is there any possibility to fix the master-layer to always stay on top of the other layers other than doing this manually for each page? I hope you understand my problem. Best regards. Nora
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