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  1. Oh I see, thank you for the explanation BofG. I need double lines so I enabled the outline effect. Is there any other way to create a double lines instead enabling 'fx' or I just need to not use a lot of 'fx? I'm newbie at Affinity Design. Thank you
  2. Here's my afdesign files. Hope you can help, thank you stokerg Sea Turtle (1).afdesign Dinosaur.afdesign
  3. Hi everyone, I'm just confused about exporting my file. I want to export my file as an SVG for others to edit but why when an SVG file is opened it becomes uneditable because it is an image. Whereas before it was in the form of a curve, can anyone help me?
  4. Hi! I wanna ask. I just convert my project to svg file and then I open the svg file in affinity design to make sure it works or not. And it looks like only part of it remains a curve, some of it turns into images, how do I fix it?
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