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  1. I haven had a chance to try the command line switch and dont have a Wacom device. If the command line switch wont affect my device should i roll back to an earlier version like 1.8.3 until 1.8.5 launches?
  2. After a bit of looking around while trying to find the settings for the Wacom drivers it turns out that no Microsoft Surface device past the Surface Pro 2 are Wacom enabled. The Surface Pro 3, Surface Book, and all newer devices use Microsoft's Wintab drivers by default that are automatically set to use Windows Ink. So, as long as newer Surface users are using the Microsoft drivers they shouldn't have an issue with the Windows Ink setting. Probably.
  3. Excellent, Gabe! The beta seems to fix the issue. After further testing i can confirm that the issue exists only with the High Precision option enabled, both Low Precision and Windows Ink options seem to be working as intended. Is there a temporary fix i can apply to my non-beta install to fix the issue until the next official release? Or is falling back to an earlier version easier?
  4. OS: Windows 10 ver. 2004, build 19041.338 Affected product: Affinity Designer (non Microsoft store version) Hardware: Microsoft Surface Book 1st Gen (i5 6300u, 8gb ram, 256gb ssd) Microsoft Surface Pen (battery level 61%) Issue: When dragging nodes/lines or when resizing objects in Designer while using pen input the line/object/indicator will glitch and flash rapidly. More info: This issue first appeared for me after upgrading to version, it was not present in the earlier version i was using but that version was out of date and i do not know the v
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