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  1. Achim63 - many thanks, exactly what I was looking for, as it means there is no need to export the files one more time.
  2. Hi again, thanks for the replies. Spotlight didn't work to find any RAW files unfortunately. What did work however was to open the relevant photo in Apple Photos and then from "File" choose "Export" and "Export Unmodified Original" to Desktop (or other destination). Then the JPEG as well as the RAW will be exported, and then I could select the RAW only to open in Affinity.. Quite a time wasting work flow but that will have to do for now. Cheers!
  3. Thanks for your fast reply! There seems to be a bit difference when opening a RAW file in Apple Photos and Affinity. As you can see on my new attached screenshots, in Apple Photos, the RAW and the JPEG is behind the same thumb, and then I can toggle between the two after selecting the thumb, much like in Aperture. So I won't have to open the RAW through Finder to get it displayed in Apple Photos. If I try to find the RAW in Finder to open with Affinity though, the CR2 files won't show up at all either by searching or browsing - even though they do exist in my computer as they are r
  4. Hi all! I used to be an Aperture user and now I decided to get Affinity a go instead of Photoshop or Lightroom. I am not using any DAM so far but instead just importing files from Apple Photos and then edit in Affinity. This way though I do not feel confident on how to import RAW files. I have RAW and JPEG together in the same files in Photos, and when importing it seems to select the JPEG by random (see screenshot). When I then choose "develop" in Affinity, I get no hint as to wether the file the program is working with is actually a RAW or a JPEG, as it behaves the same as when I
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