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  1. Thanks Aad, I had the Macro open to do a few things like auto contrast and unsharp mask - not sure why these aren't available by default though. I may have solved what I've done wrong in that I used Document>Resize Document to convert the 72dpi to 300dpi and it has applied a conversion to do a resize 3648W x 5742H @ 300dpi. Having used Lightroom since Version 1 in preference to my old way of batch processing in Photoshop, I miss the option to resize by the Longer Edge i.e. if you wanted a 12 inch x 8 inch photo @ 300dpi it was easy in LR to select 12 > inches and 300dpi in the processing export dialog.
  2. I'm new to Infinity although I used to use Serif Page Plus from the very first version years ago. Great to find a suite of one-time purchase design and editing programs - I've bought all three - that I can use on my new MacBook Pro. Although searching through Help and the forum, I am having trouble finding out how to SAVE a Batch Process set of instructions. Do I really have to set it up from scratch each time I want to run it? Also I can't seem to reduce the size of a mix of landscape and portrait photos without one dimension being squashed - I do have the A for Aspect ticked and have tried putting the same number in each of the W and H windows. I have also tried W/2 and H/2 as suggested in the boxes which didn't work for me and also 50%. Please can you tell me what I'm missing or doing wrong?
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