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  1. Currently the font styles/weights are sorted alphabetically, this positions e.g. Heavy before Medium, Italic is disconnected from Regular etc. It would be better to sort by Weightclass (and Width, so condensed and extended styles don’t mix up with regular ones), like most software. Not sure if AD on Mac does it already, can’t check atm. Edit: Not sure why this was moved to Desktop. The screenshot and the issue is on iPad.
  2. Just to clarify, this isn’t related to fonts, the type in my screenshots was converted to outlines.
  3. I could reproduce this with simple shapes, and it seems that with increasing size of the shape, less of the overshoot is cut off. Here’s a file. artboardsbug.afdesign
  4. I’m having an annoying issue, I need the artboards to be the same size and position as the bounding box of the (vectorized) paragraph. To do that I use the selection mode of the artboard tool. But the artboard I get is the right size, but is shifted by the overshoot of the type. So the overshoots are cut off and I have to reposition the paragraph. A friend with the mac version reports the same behavior. Any way to remedy this? To illustrate the issue, this is what I get (note the bottom overshoots of e and o and the space above the ascender of k): This is what I need:
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