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  1. It looks like it finally worked! Thank you so much! I was switching those profiles in Windows before but didn't restart the app. I assumed that, since the screen and other app colours changed and at the smae time they didn't in Affinity, the issue was somewhere else. Still, there seems to be an issue with colour conversion in the app when using calibration profile for the monitor, and I know I'm not the only one experiencing it. I have no idea where and why it goes wrong but maybe it would be good to have it resolved. Is there any way to forward the issue to Affinity developers?
  2. Oh, well, ok. Than if you'd please write something more on the subject I would greatly appreciaciate the advice.
  3. Hei, I followed the steps and unfortunatelly nothing's changed - the colours still don't match and they are gray-ish in the app workspace.
  4. It's the same. When I change it in the monitor settings it automatically changes in OS, and vice versa.
  5. Hei, I wanted to start working in Affinity apps (all three), but encountered a serious problem right from the start: colours don't match. The ones on the working space in Affinity are clearly desaturated while after exporting they visibly gain saturation. Adobe, previously used by me, also displays nice saturated colours. I have everywhere set the sRGB profile, except my Eizo monitor (from which screenshots), which has been calibrated with Spyder and has it's own profile. Surprisingly though, when I switch the monitor to sRGB, the colour difference is even bigger. Can you p
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