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  1. it painted "white" on the mask...it did not return the mask that was removed with black
  2. I had to recreate it... See attached. You can, also, see where I tried to paint the "white"...and it painted...white.
  3. It's the paint brush tool. I rarely use keyboard shortcuts...and never to select tools.
  4. So, I decided to delete the mask and start over. Black works. White doesn't. White TRIED to work (see attached image). There are small gold splotches where it TRIED.
  5. The paint brush tool was working fine...then it wasn't. I was using black just fine. Then, went to use white...and nothing. I've scoured the forum and the web...and nothing. I reset brushes in preferences. I reset user default settings. Still not working right. But, it IS painting white. A little bit. Please, see attached image.
  6. Well, that is interesting. Thank you for showing me... I'd say the blur brush is, quite possibly, :blurring" but, if one must zoom in 50X to see it, I'm not sure that qualifies as "working fine". I appreciate the advice.
  7. Hey David, #64 is Nita's Favourite Bur Brush! I changed it so that 64 is my Bur Brush. Wish me luck!
  8. NOPE I noticed something rather odd, too. I select a brush and the cursor shrinks...teeny tiny...and the brush is deselected.
  9. David, Nice problem to have... I used your settings...don't know how to "reset the tool". Still did not work. Changed to #16 round brush and increased the brush size ( ] ) til brush was about the size of a nickel. It worked. Had to pass 3 or 4 times but, that's the first blur I've seen.
  10. Please refer to images. See how the model appears to be "in" the ring? Part of the body in, part of the body out.
  11. Thank. You. Thank. You. I'm just so happy it's not me. I have tried EVERYTHING.. FOR DAYS. Every bit of advice, every forum, every @#$%& YouTube video. I'm not stupid. I'm not crazy. There are no words for my level of happiness right now. None. I love the idea of my AP. Especially love the things I've conquered in the past few days. OK...done mouth vomiting over. Glad there's a fix.
  12. The problem that I'm having is that I can't even get the crown on there...it's blank. Will this address that?
  13. Another forum suggested adding noise so I could see what the brush was doing...nothing
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