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  1. We've one more problem now When i push ctrl+alt+plus, result is in screen I tried all combinations and i discovered if i push "+" double time, it's being oemplus. But when i try to do "alt+oemplus", i push alt and double + , it's being "alt++"
  2. You're right. But it's being "alt+shift+0" or "alt+shift+4" as i said before. I think i can't fix it. I also used On-screen Keyboard and it doesn't work...
  3. Yes i read it and i already changed some shortcuts too. But when i wanna change "Zoom in", it should be "Alt+OemPlus". But i don't know which button is "oemplus". There is "Alt+=" in keyboard shortcut topic. But how can i write "=" ? Because when i push shift button and =, it's being "Alt+Shift+0"
  4. I use desktop and Windows10. Unfortunately i don't have any button as you said. Argh, this situation is so annoying, really... I saw so many topics about it in other websites. But they say: "Use + or / button for oemplus." the problem is i can't do it.
  5. Hey Everyone from Turkey, I wanna change Zoom In shortcut. My Zoom In shortcut is ctrl+oemplus. I tried to change it but i've no any idea which button is "oemplus". I wanna change it as "alt+oemplus" Please, can you help me for that?
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