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  1. I don't know what happen, but the UI of the Affinity Photo app is wrong. There is a lot of missing part. I download the app a second time, still the same. Do you have any idea how can I solve this matter?
  2. There is a great video here to create Luminosity mask with Affinity Photo, exactly the same as Photoshop. But we can not add channel properly inside a macro, and change the channel's name as well. Will be nice ta have access at this kind of features in the future.
  3. It finally works fine, Now I have to find out the process to add Topaz Studio in my modules to properly add theses plug-ins.
  4. It does not work for me, my app crash every time I try to open Affinity Preferences, I use the app in french...
  5. Sorry but I do not have any reports. The only think that I can send you is a file.ahphoto. I doubt that you'll be able to recreate the problem. Do you still want to get one of my files.?
  6. It is impossible for me to export a file with any format. Affinity photo take all the ressources of my Macbook Pro Retina 2012, and I finish to get the Apple color spinning wheel of death... I try with version1,4 and the latest Beta that you offer, does not work with the export function form the development persona as well as the export persona. I had to use Photoshop to create the composite that show you my problem. Is there a way to send you a system report or something else to solve my issue. Thanks for reading me.
  7. Asha, Hey I am a French Canadian, so for your release maybe that terms are differents in your system, but try thru the help menu to find out information about module. Module are located inside the filter menu. It'll show you how to install all of your Photoshop Plug-in into Affinity photo. Cause in mine I can work with my Topaz Lab utilities. Hope this help.
  8. If i double click an icon to open an afphoto file, it does not work. My system ask me for a commercial license of the software (even if I have a legal copy of Affinity photo). So I have to open the software first and then open my files thru the file menu of AF Photo.
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