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  1. Hi guys I used the cog tool but how do change size of any of the lines from the cog or little tick mark rectangles to smaller size because they are all the same size to smaller sizes between 1& 2 & 3 ect which has 4 smaller tick sizes between 1&2&3 also how do I make what I have drawn more real or life like and also how do you make numbers for perfectly around the tick marks ? I have attached bellow what I have so far bellow
  2. Hi, thanks for the reply, I'm a newbie.... I need instructions in affinity designer on how it gets drawn from start.to finish gauge. Like for instance what tools I need to use (to create same like attachment above.. step 1: Draw Background or base grey or black circle . step 2: scale marks with numbers step 3: add bent rectangle with a different color. like for yellow /red line of engine tachometer for instance! step 4: Gauge needle (Reel Looking) step 5: Outer gauge Rim(bezel).
  3. Hi, to everyone , I would like to know how to draw 2D analog gauge like in the attachment below. I'm trying so hard to figure it out from start to finish for even one of them...no luck! PLEASE HELP *Like how to draw outer rim or bezel of gauge with the tools and properly divide scale like of instrument also how to get it to look as real as possible, just like photo attachment....*
  4. Hi, thanks I have seen most of these videos and Isabela on you tube. They are good, I am still struggling to find in -depth explanation from start to finish creations. I need to see from start to finish slowly on every tool and why how they use it so I can get a grasp. What file format is used for animation and how big does the image needs to be in pixels.... Any help from you guys experience out there will be very helpful...:) Please help im ripping my hair out.
  5. Hello everyone I need help with how to draw from scratch, real looking toggle Switches, knobs, other controls in Affinity Designer Desktop ? Also how to draw just the switch or anything without the white artboard showing behind the drawing and what size pixels is perfect for animating on off , if you know what I mean? So If anyone can help me, I will be greatly appreciate it.... Like the Attachments below.
  6. Just looking at the videos you posted they are good but , the problem for any newbie starting from scratch is going to have is that they are showing it to fast and you cannot catch or learn what they are doing, it needs to be explained slowly and shown exactly what Is going on like some other you tube videos with full explanation.!! That is why I’m stuck trying to create or draw anything an am looking for a in-depth guide from start to finish product of anything even the led light stuff .. 🙁
  7. If I could even find some Step by step instruction for starters on how to draw beautiful real glossy looking any colour led 5mm bulbs like the attachment , I will over the moon. Please help and PDFs or books that show a newbie how that is drawn precisely??? Can’t find any tuts or books or anything on these specifics
  8. Thanks guys . So it is possible to design real looking texture of the panel and knobs Like the second pic bellow from scratch with Affinity Designer or ??
  9. Hi I would like to learn and get help from scratch , step by step on how to design these interfaces and real looking knobs like attachments bellow. Please help can’t find any book nor instructional video tutorial on this type of interface knobs????
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