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  1. The print preview looks full size.
  2. I’m not near my printer so is not registered right now but it doesn’t give me any print options, even when the printer is selected. I tried to print another one to see if I had just made a mistake in this document but the other one printed shrunken as well. The bottom of the second image shows the document size, in case it cut off.
  3. Hi Dan. I missed your reply. This is what it looks like. The screen is sent to print 8 1/2”x11” and fill the page.
  4. Hi, my document is set at 8.5”x11” with three 4”x6” images but when I print everything is miniaturized. The screen shows the images as 4”x6” but they are printing more like 1.5”x3”. I’ve printed several documents to my other printer with no issues but I cannot figure out how to make it print accurately to my HP Envy 4500 and I need to finish this project this weekend.
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