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  1. damianip

    How does one get real support

    So, I purchased Photo for the iPad last night and there are some severe shortcomings to the point that it currently looks like a waste of $20 and is damaging my faith in Serif (I currently use Photo and Designer on the Mac). Is there a trouble ticket system or is this forum it? I think my iPad and iOS version are compatible, but right now, I'm only guessing. I know it was only released yesterday, but this is not being presented as a beta or RC, it's supposed to be a working product.
  2. damianip

    Does not work on Ipad pro

    I also cannot save any file locally after editing. Is there an app permission that I'm missing?
  3. damianip

    Does not work on Ipad pro

    Thanks for the welcome, now let's get me "functional". :) The local images are in the Photos app and I can't access them. My options for HDR are iCloud and Google drive, nothing local.
  4. damianip

    Does not work on Ipad pro

    I have an iPad Pro 12.9. When I try to add images for an HDR merge, I can only access iCloud images, none local. I have no use for iCloud and 256 GB of local storage. How do I access local files? I must be missing something.