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  1. Well, here's the update: Turns out, the two finger gesture DOES work with any (new) document, but it just does NOT work with my current working project?! I found out when I wanted to make a screen recording as I wanted to use a new blank document for that.... Could it be a setting of the document itself you think? It must be something that gets copied then.... I added the document in which it does not work on my iPad. I deleted all layers and symbols to get it 'as new' as possible. In case you, or someone else is interested in trying themselves. For me; I'm releaved it's not Affinity that's broken at least I know when this project is done, I will be able to use the gesture again 😬 Thanks anyway!! affinity-duplicate gesture not working.afdesign
  2. One addition to this problem I have: what does happen when I use the two-finger gesture in combination with the Move tool is: I move the object The wanted behaviour (and the previous behavior) was: the object gets duplicated and the duplicated version gets moved, the 'original' stays at the same spot it was. So it's basically exactly the same as when I would not have my two fingers on the screen. And, for the record: I have been using this gesture for like, months, with no problem.
  3. Thanks for your reply. I did try this, but unfortunately no avail..
  4. Hi, I've been using Affinity Designer for iPad for a while now, but all of the sudden, the two-finger duplicate gesture stopped working. Right now, nothing gets duplicated when using the gesture, although the program does recognise my fingers (get two blue dots on the screen) and the other two-finger gestures do work, like rotating the canvas, pinching, grouping layers, when drawing or resizing eclipses etc. I wondered whether it could be a setting, but I don't recall changing anything relevant and I can't seem to find any related setting either. I was using this gesture almost every time I used Affinity Designer so I don't think it's the way I place my fingers, also I've been trying different taps and with different tools and different documents, new document, also closed everything, restarted the iPad etc. Any idea? In my memory, this has been working mondaymorning 6th of July and stopped working that evening or last tuesday. Working on iPad pro 12" (A1670) For the record: the Duplicate option in the menu does work.. but obviously the gesture was very convenient so I miss it a lot. Thanks
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