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  1. Designer running, iPad OS 13.6.1 I’ve been trying to import new brushes and each time a message saying “downloading” will appear and the app will either go back to normal with no new brushes or freeze. I was in the process of importing a number of new brushes and was successful with importing only two. Brushes file sizes range from 1 MB to 107 MB, all are downloaded onto the iPad from the cloud, all were able to import into Designer for Mac OS. iPad is up to date and 15 GB available of free space. Troubleshooting has not yet included removing the App all together.
  2. I love Affinity products and have been a huge advocate of the suite trying to coax anybody to switch. But as of late I have been experiencing the most disappointing and frustrating lag when using Publisher. Although it's two years old, I have an above average computer that is constantly freezing and lagging only while I'm in Publisher. I've included screen shots of computer data as well as activity monitoring but to list the scenario: MacBook Pro 2018, Quad Core i5, 16 GB Ram Activity Monitor Peak: CPU % 320 Project: 18 Master Slides, <400 hyperlinks total, Tables, Text Boxes, Shapes. There are no photos, no embedded items. File Size - 1.4 MB Total. What the lag looks like: Spinning beach ball while trying to type a FOUR letter word on the attached page (21 hyperlinks). Note: I've even deleted most all of the hyperlinks (less than 40) and I am still experiencing lag and freezing.
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